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Family Tree Vinyl Decal - Giant Wall Sticker

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Huge Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker // 9.64'X7.48' // Sticks To Flat Surfaces // Free Shipping   

This impressive Tree Wall Vinyl is huge. It will positively transform your room and you can hang pictures of your family on it. If you are looking for an exciting new centerpiece of your room, this is it! High quality Vinyl! 

Size: 9.64'X7.48' / 294cm x 228cm


  • Free shipping!
  • Precision cut Vinyl
  • Comes with instructions!
  • Consists of multiple individual pieces
  • Large size! 9.64' x 7,48' / 294cm x 228cm
  • Sticks to clean flat surfaces like walls, windows etc. 
  • DIY Ideas possible
  • Waterproof & easily removable
  • DIY/Consists of more than one part/parts have to be applied individually

    Delivery time to the US is 2-3 weeks + processing time. Delivery to other countries: please read shipping info.