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Wooden Plant Stand (No Pot) -Versatile Plant Pot Holder

Versatile Wooden Plant Stands  // Handmade From Beech Wood // Can Be Flipped To Raise & Lower Pot // Ships from US // Free 3-day US delivery // Stands only (No Pot) // Choose your Size

These stylish stands are handmade from beech wood and can be flipped, to accomodate different plant-pot heights. 

Please check product pictures for appropriate pot/stand sizes.

Please note: Due to being made entirely from wood, as with every natural material, small deviations can occur. Every stand comes with sticky floor pads to even out potential wobbles. 

Material: Beech wood


  • Free 3-day delivery to the US
  • Versatile (can be flipped)
  • Stands only (No pot)
  • Ships from US
  • Natural materials
Delivery time to the US is 3 days + processing time. Delivery to other countries: please read shipping info.